TECVISUR | Técnicas Viales del Sur S.L.

TECVISUR | First steps

TECVISUR is born in 2008 by the effort and union of two companies, Gómez Ruiz C.B. and Rafael Gómez González, with a large experience in the building and public works sector.

It starts its activity with road safety projects (installation of safety steel barrier, horizontal and vertical road signs and indications, bollards systems), both in new works and in improvements/conservation projects, to become benchmark at national and international level for public administrations and private companies.

In 2010, on the basis of its growth, experience and potential, it extend its activity to the installation of structures for photovoltaic systems, including installation of metallic structure, solar panel and hydraulic engine.

Nowadays, TECVISUR are developing a number of national and international projects in Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Romania, Peru and Chile, among others.

The experience of TECVISUR in a great number and type of projects has been possible by the high competence and expertise of its staff. The company has at disposal a high qualified team that growth and evolve according to the market requirements in order to respond to the needs of our clients and to offer full guarantee of product and work quality.

TECVISUR business philosophy is based on quality, professionalism and permanent evolution and the company is client-oriented, committed with the environment and society.

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